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What’s happening?


Bienvenue les parents!

Welcome to my blog! Check here at least weekly (probably Mondays) to keep up on classroom activities.

Hopefully everyone understands that I teach math to the whole 4th grade, and Mme. Diedrich teaches English Language Arts to all the 4th graders. We see them in the morning, Monday through Thursday. Every afternoon and all day Friday, we spend with our homerooms. So, look here for math updates & then if your child is in my homeroom, go to my Homeroom page. To link to Mme. Diedrich’s blog, go here:  DebbieDiedrich.blogspot.com.

I am giving maths homework Monday through Wednesday only. I give homework to my homeroom only for Thursday nights. The maths homework will always be on a green sheet of paper, no more than 2-sided.