Born in Florida, I’ve lived in Ohio, Michigan, Idaho, France, Florida, North Carolina (briefly), and now Oregon. I moved here 17 years ago from Michigan. I have one daughter, a teenager at South. She has gone all through French Immersion. My mom was born & raised in Eugene; my dad in Ft. Myers, Florida. I have 2 Bachelor’s degrees, 2 Master’s degrees & a massage therapy license. I live in funky West Eugene.

I love so many things. Here is a small list:  my daughter Jillian, my sweetie Paul, my parents, teaching, my students, reading, Gerald Durrell, giraffes, languages, Brazilian music, dancing, flowers, gardening, my friends, hiking, traveling, learning, teaching, drawing, painting, creating, laughing, smiling, new places, the smell of rain, singing, Jane Austen, Laurie R. King, mysteries, Agatha Christie, P.G. Wodehouse, good food, fresh fruit, kitties & puppies, cleverness, kindness, jazz, good table manners, being polite, birds, sunshine….


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